Tuesday, August 9, 2016

When You Least Expect It, There's the Champ

Candid Camera Classic: Ali Meets the Kids

What a scream, God Bless Him~!


Mike Dee said...

McGhee's profile led me to your site - appreciated the Ali clip. I'd thought to check out your http://indianbloodlines.blogspot.com/, but the blog is open to invited readers only, says blogger


Take care!

The Local Malcontent said...

Heyyah, Mike, thanks for the shout, man! You're welcome any time... Kevin's a very good friend to me, and any ... any...

I'll take a look at my other bloggie's specifics, and see if there's a problem, or if Google is messing around with me more; I'd say just check back later. I've been kinda ignoring that blog for awhile, I'm ashamed to say. But I got a list of heroes to add to it, in my "mind".

Heyyah, take care, and BTW, you Indian??