Monday, September 12, 2016

Both Barrells Loaded, AIMED @ U, HILL

Just when I think that Hillary Clinton could not sink further down into her own filthiness, she surprises me with, she delights me, with another example of her depravity and Utter stupidity.  
Unglamorously, Unceremoniously, Unbecomingly.  
Unhealthy Hillary

Before I proceed with my screed, I just want to offer this scenario briefly:  Imagine that Hillary Clinton becomes President, and then becomes Impeached.  By her own words and deeds.    The Impeached Couple?  The Impeachables? 
'scrU yoUr fUtUre, chelseaU hUnny'. 

And all just for the power and the money,
and the histrionics of the untire ordeal which that deceitful couple would impose onto our united States, 
simply to prove their sinister point~~

On Friday, September 9, 2016, at a LGTMpPQRSTUV-rdD queer rally in New York City, the dillusional misanthrop named Hillary Clinton, a known sociopath and liar, claimed in a speech that easily 'half of Donald Trump's supporters are ... a basket of Deplorables.'

Hello, U basket of Deplorables, how are U today? 

If that contemptable, lying sack of sociopathic scum called Hillary ever, EVER DARES TO QUESTION MY FAMILY'S VALUES, OR YOURS in her pathway to power,    I will fight back against her highly questionable "family values" !!
What a sick, sick undesirable woman she is, Hillary 'bUtch' Clinton.  Unloved, Unwanted, Ugly, Untrustworthy, Unqualified.  
Her "rallies" in the various towns across America are only attended by Freak Show UNthusiaists. 
Hillary Clinton is macabre, Hillary Clinton is Unpleasant, Hillary Clinton is Unlikeable, she is also unkind, useless, and clearly unpredictable.  
Unhealthy, anyone (kofff, kof-kofff-kofff-koff, spit-koff-kofffkoffkoff-gurgle gurgle-swallowsnot sniff gasp gasp-- koff-kofff-koofffff- Arrgggg, gasp for air) ??
Uncomfortable, UnSober, UnDrugFree Hillary, when she is imposed upon, to speak to the U.S. media , she is herself, ultimately, and she is unholy and she is UNAMERICAN.  
Hillary is Unfriendly, Unless U are Underwritten to her fUndation, or U are UnDocumented ~!

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