Tuesday, September 27, 2016

An embedded "espn" link
Brought Down Your Local Malcontent

Last week, I paid tribute to Vin Scully, the (really) long time Dodgers baseball announcer, and I must've included a YouTube video or image of Scully which caused my entire blog to 
immediately redirect

to the despised, social-justice-espousing espn(dot)com website,

where readers of my blog were left baffled, and unable to access my wonderful wisdom on a wide variety of topics.

Instead, I will post another tribute to Mr. Scully later this week, replete with my depth of wonderful wit.

I'm sorry that you missed out on reading about "88 million years ago Today" blog post, and also
"Whut?? Wal-Mart's Closed?", two posts I deleted thinking that they must be the offending redirectors.  My next option was to delete Google Chrome as my default web browser, and start fresh:

"The New Local Malcontent" bloggie, on WordPress....
Not.  Bloody.  Likely.  

Anyways, I'm back, I'm empowered, I'm Redskin.
Go OU.  Go Trump.  Go Cardinals.  Go Home

Alright, you've earned a bonus, tribute video.
Here's to you, you Angels in Disguise~!

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