Friday, September 9, 2016

The Salty Tears of Democrats' Despair~ Hillaryous

What a tight Pickle jar Hillary Clinton finds herself in, these days.

She's the controversial candidate for the Democratic Party for President of
these united States of America, ya may remember.

Senators and Congresscritters of that stripe are urging Hillary Clinton to "open up", to be herself to the voting public, in an effort to show that she has a heart, that she has a soul.
Sounds to me like another in a long line of "Redux
Re-introduction of Hillary", version 5x.93x.

There's no way to re-invent this well known pathological liar: 
~She has a track record of relentless lying which reaches back as far as 1973, if not earlier, when she was fired for unethical activity on the Nixon Watergate hearings, then.  

A LONG, a very long list of lies and scandal follows this woman around--- way too long for your Local Malcontent to list here- but it is out there on the internet, and it is massive and it is convincing.

The main trouble with this woman, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in my opinion, is two-fold:

~She indeed, is a pathological liar, and she believes that everything she says is the truth because she believes it is the truth, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

~ and Since Hillary is a child of the late 1940s and 1950s,
a Baby Boomer, she is unable to comprehend the expanse of the internet, the ease with which it is to research every "fact" or "claim" she utters about her fabulous self.

And when people do research her claims,
they are usually proven to be LIES.

She may become so pathetically handicapped by her neurological need to lie constantly, that eventually she, Hillary Clinton, may beg the U.S. population to vote for her, 

out of pity.

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