Friday, September 23, 2016

THIS Says It All~

Thank you Willie and Merle, for everything you've done for America~!

If it's gonna be bad, then toke it in stride, friends:  Light up and mellow out.

Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard made me literally laugh out loud last night, seeing this:

Speaking personally, I think it is time, Oklahoma,
to decriminalize possession of weed, and (dare I suggest) legalization of marijuana for a wide variety of medicinal uses here in the Sooner state.

I've blogged before on how several Indian tribes have met together to 'hash out' the vital rules governing sovereign, Tribal marijuana growing practises and medicinal sales, including the Cherokee, the Comanche, the Sac and Fox, the Hoi-Polloi tribes-- 

I'm calling on my own tribe, the Great Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, to seriously consider the same, 
here in Leaf-Lore County, especially.

And what an economic boom it would be to our state's tax coffers, when it's legalized and taxable~!! Not to mention just making more room for real, dangerous criminals (including drug dealers) in our jail system and prisons when we aren't arresting young people who have a little bit of weed in their possession.

The reputed demons of pot smoking are for the most part imaginary, unless one counts a healthy appetite and deep restful sleep and hearty laughter among friends in your home's den, ... demonic~.

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