Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Woe, My Blogging Day~

From the time I get up to make morning coffee and check on baby Kelsey, then visit the LBR (*yes, in that order), I'm thinking about You, the LMC Viewer.

I rise at 6 am, and Leticia sleeps another hour or so, until 7:15, so while I'm alone with you, the Internet, I search my mind for what's there, bugging it, irritating it, warming it, to the point that I choose what to share here.  With you, the Viewer.

So for instance, yesterday, Tuesday the 13th, while up (my turn) to change and to give Kelsey a bottle, I posted something about "Revenge", baby in my lap, and sleeping Leticia on my mind.

Oh, but that wasn't the end-- I was irritated when I came home last night and visited with my next door neighbor, Dan, who is a KOOK, who told me that he and his wife were determined to plant PALM TREES along their eastern fence, the bluff which is some 300 feet above the valley floor.

"Our soil here is solid rock, solid shale plates, Dan.
How the hell do you expect to do it?", I asked him.

"Easy, we're gonna plant fake palm trees, that look like the real thing."  Maybe the conversation continued between us, but I don't remember it after that-- I left him, incredulous that he'd so simplified his solution.
I thought about blogging about that~  

Later yesterday morning, I kiss my 2 baby girls goodbye for the morning, and leave for casinos West and Northwest from here, thinking about blogging about a YouTube video I'd seen and thought about sharing here, about Planet X (Nibiru), which will be here next year by the way, and which will cause a speed-up of the Earth's rotation, only a 16-hour day, but again chose not to enlighten you poor schleps about your impending doom, until it's well too late to act~

I saw a lawn mower - repair video that
I'd thought about posting as a throw-away.  It was funny.

The annoying and flaming out Glenn Beck Show, always  good for a post, about 9 am, but NO~

OK, there's
always Hillary.

Or Zerobama.
Or Muslims.

Or the St.Louis Cardinals.... 

No, Been there,
didn't like it
that much lately.

~So how about Earth science?

I saw where some university in Great Britain has solved the question, 
"Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg?",,, 
as scientists at Bath University have produced rats without a mother's egg donation, only sperm.
But that's not so much of a drawing card to YOU, the Viewer, these days...
so still I am searching for a blog post theme-of-the-day-for-today, rejecting all the above.

There was something about flight MH-370, ... nothing special or noteworthy,

Brazenly stolen from the NY Post:  
but that's cold news, too.

What's a Choctaw blogger to do??
Do you wanna see some Indians dancing maybe?  
Summupin OKIE? Summupin Chahta? 

O Sia, Chim Ach-Umpka, Nilluho??

It's about 10 am, and I don't have a clue what I will feed

You, the Viewer.
Want a Scott Joplin ragtime??  NO, me either right now~

A delicious recipe?
I'd like to, but my wife scolded me about posting recipes that she doesn't make or know about, so another Zer0 blog spoot ~ (replace walnuts with pecans~!)

I KNOW~ !!!
BEFORE I instantly DELETE IT in total embarrassMEnt?? ?
Maybe just maybe, I've said all that I need to say. 
Except another "goodbye".

Just another beautiful, late summer day in gorgeous Southeast Oklahoma then; 
Life is Good.  I need a cigarette~

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