Friday, October 21, 2016

Moi Pareil

Sorry for being absent all this last week, I've been diagnosed with Hillary's Disease, viral pneumonia and under bed rest since last Friday.  I felt good enough to "just" get out of bed today, the 1st time, and with the baby, I've lain low and out of sight.  I have had the most awful, deep coughing, pleghm and all, aches and pains- 
My wife has been my dear savior this last week, taking such good care of her two babies~

I will be around soon, like I say, this is the first day I've felt goood enough to sit upright, for awhile since last week.  
heres some Guitar Joplin in the meantime, until I am Full strength-- this makes me feel better~

Leticia has been my savior this week, she's taking care of her two babies, making phonecalls, apologizing for me-

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