Friday, October 7, 2016

My 2016 World Series Prediction
is Still The Same

My Baseball Playoffs Prediction Hasn't Changed~

At the beginning of this years' baseball season, I was asked 'Who would be in the 2016 World Series next October'?   My picks haven't let me down.

I picked the Chicago Cubs against the Toronto Blue Jays way back in April.  Based upon their teams' pitching rotation, their bullpens, and their defenses. 

In That Order.

Let's review starting pitching, and see how I did, OK??

First the Cubbies from Chicago:
The Chicago Cubs have 4 out of the top 12 starting pitchers in the NL, all healthy and all 4 ready.  With ERAs all under 3.35.... 
The Toronto Blue Jays have 3 out of the top 12 starting pitchers in the AL, all healthy and all 3 ready.  With ERAs all under 3.48....
Nobody else comes close to those two.

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