Thursday, October 13, 2016

Now, Something From The 2016
Nobel Prize Winner For Literature

Finally an award winner that we all 
can agree with, from the Nobel folks in Oslo~!

tangled up in blue - bob dylan from me.greg on Vimeo.

Everything  Bob Dylan reminds me so much of my dearest college friend and roommate, JAC. 
JAC was so into Bob Dylan, as he was kinda older than the rest of us college freshmen and sophomores. He was/is a wonder-child of the 1960s and 70s, so much so that he taught us as much about life, as any of our professors did in the 1980s and beyond.  

Lots of Bob Dylan, lots of the Marshall Tucker Band (my input), and 
lots of The Firesign Theatre at OU....  Q5X, James....  Q5X, until we figure out what it means~!

I remember so many nights, evenings spent with JAC, others, and I'd request (READ "BEG") JAC to get out his guitar and harmonica, then to please strum chords and sing like Bob Dylan, always anxious to hear his forceful yet often whispered-version of a Bob Dylan song.
These three are the ones
I remember JAC doing the most~

Then my mind turns toward our comedy: "Who's On First?" "Naturally", or
"Bombs away, Dad, -- Morning, Mom"
then, "Don't wolf your food~"  

And should you to ask my opinion, JAC would also win a Nobel Prize for Literature/Poetry~!!

Simple Twist of Fate by Bob Dylan with lyrics from StjepkoRS on Vimeo.

... people tell me, it's a sin,
to know and feel T00 Much [Within]
I still believe she was my twin,
but I lost the ring~

So this post is to congratulate Bob Dylan on his winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, and to fondly remember the extraordinary fellow who introduced me to Dylan: JAC.  
Not a week goes by, that he doesn't re-enter my mind to share a good laugh and a warm smile.
  Fond memories,                        & best wishes, bro~!!
NOT Finley~!

shelter from the storm - bob dylan from me.greg on Vimeo.

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