Wednesday, November 23, 2016

GUESS WHO's Coming Over For Dinner

We three want to wish each of you a very
Happy Thanksgiving Day, tomorrow~!!

We have so very much to be thankful for this year, 

God blessed us with a perfect child this year, Thank You, Thank You God for Loving us so~
You remind me of Your love for Your servants Abraham and Sarah often~

We enjoy good health, despite not getting enough sleep this year (see reason #1)~

We live in a country which, despite some bitter feelings elsewhere, is the very best country on the planet~
One where if a person makes the choice for him/herself to become something, to pursue their wildest dreams in life, it is possible to do that here in America.  Thank You, God!

Dear Creator, we thank You also for the trials You place before us, giving us the chance to grow and to learn from, to expand our knowledge, to reinforce our experiences, all in an effort to be helpful to others, other children of Yours, who may be going through trying times, where we can help them.  Thank you also, for this opportunity, this blessing.

Dear Creator, we thank you for your wisdom in sending us the leaders which we have~ and we pray for each of them:  Barack Obama, Chief Gary Batton, Vice President Biden, Assistant Chief Jack Austin, Jr., all the rest- Governor Mary Fallin-- We pray that each of them would be cognizant of their place in history, their place in the just governance of our Godly country, ALL with a goal of glorifying Your Holy Name.

Yes, we Malcontents pray for the Democrats; We pray that soon, they may see the great error of their ways of governing, and restore to their proud party, a good and decent reputation of leadership for all.

We thank you for Donald J. Trump, a man not unlike Your other truly great leaders:  Like Moses, like Joshua, like the apostle Paul, men who had committed great sins in their time, yet You found them worthy of becoming changed-for-the-better leaders of great masses of people:  
Again all for Your Glory~

Heavenly Father, we humbly ask you to bless each of us today, forgive us of our sins, and lead us on the path of righteousness until our joyous reunion with You someday.

We thank You for Your extraordinary, incomprehensible and eternal love for us, as we prepare to enjoy a meal with loved ones and Christian fellowship here, a Thanksgiving that I never thought I'd see, one with my 6-month old daughter Kelsey, my loving wife Leticia, and a whole host of extended family and close friends (we're expecting 26 guests).

In Jesus' Holy name, Amen.

Yeah, three turkeys .... one fried, and two roasted~!
~ And Yeah, I Will Wear Traditional Eagle feathers tomorrow, finally, As the Father of the Household~

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