Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I Love Jackie Krachala

When an older woman waiting to vote Tuesday was asked by a CNN reporter if she was excited to possibly witness the first female president, she yelled back “No!”

An elderly married couple was standing in line to vote in North Starbane Township, Pennsylvania when a CNN reporter approached the two, who are vocally on different sides of the presidential election, even though they have been married for 37 years. The husband is supporting Hillary Clinton while the wife, 

Jackie Krachala, is strongly backing Donald Trump.

The fact that Clinton would be the first female president appeared to make no difference to Krachala when she was asked if the candidate’s gender was a factor for her. Instead, Krachala ruined the reporter’s narrative that women are at least partly supporting Clinton to see a female president. Krachala said that America needs a strong leader to preserve American exceptionalism.

CNN refuses to admit their candidates' defeat among real Americans, relying instead upon the most vile, the most basic of instinctual matters to determine the direction of our country.

CNN:  "But, but, she has a vagina~!"

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