Sunday, November 6, 2016

Our Lying S.O.S. Candidate

(S.O.S. = sack of sh*t)

There's only one candidate who cannot tell the truth, if telling the truth could save her life, and that's
Hillary Clinton.  She is a total psychopathic liar:  She lies about being happy to be campaigning in your state (still) once again.  

Overwhelming evidence against her standard, persistent claims that it is only "a vast, right-wing conspiracy" which is totally against her is mold news; maybe it served her well in the 1970s, and again in the 1990s, but now having reached the digital age (to which, she hasn't kept up the pace), now there is an electronic trail to be followed, and neither Hillary nor her acolytes within her campaign, have been able to disavow or deny.  

All those WikiLeak emails which bring to bear, showing truly, how little regard she and her campaign team really have for us common Americans:  She's berated Trump supporters, by calling us a "basket of deplorables", calling Black Americans "animals", "super predators", calling Hispanic Americans "the needy Hispanics", and disrespecting us native American Indians by just breathing our air, plus wanting to welcome into our borders, millions of undocumented Americans, otherwise called "Illegal Immigrants", to share our wealth and our bounty, without first contributing, or without first asking to be allowed in, which is the rule of law.  

Hillary is a Globalist sock puppet.  Hillary Clinton has ridden the coat-tails of first her "husband", Bill to a place of prominance on the global stage, beginnung as first-lady of Arkansas, then as the First Lady of the U.S.  
But once Bill's long shadow began to wane, Hillary tied herself to the next thing, carpetbagging off to New York, and running for the Senate seat vacated by Senator Al D'Amato in 2000.  
She won that seat easily, promising everything under the sun to the New Yorker public, yet delivering less than nothing in the way of legislative authorship;  only sponsoring the changing the names of public buildings like Post Offices and the like, for noteworthy Americans.

Unsatisfied with being a special person among 100 persons in the U.S. Senate, Hillary then chose to run for President in 2008, yet was gob-smacked in the Democratic primary by controversial, half-Black-half-White candidate Barry Zerobama.
Who won that election for President.

So now, who's coat-tails to cling to, now that Bill is a thing of the past, now that NY Senator has lost it's allure, and where within those confines, she's not thus far, considered "outstanding"??

Barack Zerobama.  Make him appoint her as his feckless Secretary of State.
Where she proceeds to upend and destroy the fledgling democracies which are blooming in the Islamic states of Algeria, Libya, Qatar, Yemen, Egypt, and Iraq.  
Her ingenious idea to supply weapons to ISIS, or ISIL, into Syria by way of the U.S. Diplomatic waystation in Benghazi, Libya resulted in the ignored, horrible deaths of four Americans there, 

because to tell the truth about Benghazi's importance to the U.S. would be to reveal how we are supplying the Islamic terrorists with the weapons and the means to kill our American servicemen and servicewomen and our allies best and bravest, too.  To reveal that Benghazi was merely a stopping off place for our most deadly weapons before they were to be shipped to al Qaeda and the ISIS fighters 

did not figure into Hillary's plans for herself, & her personal goal of the penultimate personal power.

She rode Barack's coat-tails as far as she could before she let them go, and then started her own , personal, grievance tour, touting herself to be so very accomplished, 

just simply by her being in the room with the real decision makers, from whom her orders came.

And now Hillary has come back to openly lie to us, the American Populace, her next coat-tail, in an effort to give her the prize which she's most coveted, she's done all this bullshit like marrying Bill and having a baby with, pretending to like children, pretending to like the American public, pretending to understand our nations' needs, 


The constant lying, the constant claim of innocence, her constant errors in personal judgement, her never accepting responsibility for the results of HER actions, 
Plus the clues which she, Hillary cites for greater taxation and ultimate gun control, plus being a mere puppet to Globalist's agendas higher than her own, 

Hillary Clinton is a proven danger to World stability.  Hillary Clinton wants to become a proven danger to our American heritage and our God-given civil rieghts. 

She thinks that she's the smartest person in the world, but we all can see her  huge delusion.

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