Monday, December 26, 2016

Be On the LookOut For This
Terrorism Suspect-- German Officials

Wanted by the Berlin Police and German Interpol, for the terrorist-style truck rampage, killing 12 happy visitors and injuring 48 at a Christmas Market, in Berlin's Central (Christian) Square:

Anus Amri, possibly a migrant from an unspecified country, possibly a tourist, possibly a neighbor, he reportedly carries around a concealed weapon in his pants-- it is claimed that he has a huge

knife, yet is said to have no other personal identification, as we've been lucky enough to find it, as he dropped his I.D. in the cab of the truck which he is suspected to have stolen, and suspected to have used in the deadly massacre, which is suspected to have occurred last Monday, December 18.

Here is a recent photograph of Anus Amri:

If you see anyone with a nose, a chin, short, dark hair and a popular, thin beard, please call your local Mal-

German police and judiciary have accused Hamburg Justice Minister Till Steffen of delaying the release of pictures of the Christmas market attacker Anis Amri because he was worried about provoking “racist” comments on Facebook.

Green Party politician Steffen cited “privacy concerns” when he initially prevented law enforcers from releasing pictures of Anis Amri.

However, it has been claimed by members of the judiciary and the police that Steffen, who is the head of the judicial authority in Hamburg, denied the release of images of Amri because he was concerned it would incite racial hatred.

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