Thursday, December 8, 2016

Bin Laden's Family Killed in Jet Plane Crash, Inferno

Oh, the Irony

Three members of terrorist Osama bin Laden's family were killed Friday in Surrey, England,
when their private jet crashed into the parking lot, in an inferno.

Lovingly lifted from London's Daily Mirror, this:  

The private jet which crashed killing three members of Osama bin Laden's family in Surrey was going '40 per cent too fast' during its landing, a report has concluded.

The Saudi-registered Phenom 300 went off the end of the runway as it arrived at Blackbushe Airport before becoming airborne again and then collided with several parked cars.

The passengers and pilot survived the impact, but died as a result of a fire which began after the wing separated from the fuselage.
All three passengers were members of bin Laden's family.

They were his stepmother, Raja Bashir Hashem, 75, her daughter, Sana bin Laden, 53, and another relative, Zouheir Anuar Hashem, 56.

The Jordanian pilot was 58-year-old Mazen Salim Alqasim.

The AAIB's report into the accident described how the plane took a steep descent which was "significantly above the normal profile" as it approached the airport, after manoeuvring out of the path of a microlight.  Mr Algasim attempted to deploy the jet's "speedbrakes", which can increase drag, but they remained retracted as the flaps on the wing were deployed.

As the plane flew over the start of the runway it was travelling at 151 knots indicated airspeed (kias), 40% faster than the target of 108 kias.  "The excessive speed contributed to a touchdown 710 metres beyond the threshold, with only 438 metres of paved surfaced remaining," the AAIB said.
"From touchdown ... it was no longer possible for the aircraft to stop within the remaining runway length."

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