Friday, December 16, 2016

The Whether Forecast: Brutally Cold

But it could be so much worse:  The President Elect could
be named "Hillary".

I am amazed by the vitriolic reaction on so many fronts, by the Democrats
since Hillary's resounding defeat, 5 weeks ago.

Last night alone, the new President Elect,
Donald Trump thanked 12,000+ followers
in Hershey, Pennsylvania, while sore loser
Hillary "thanked" only her Million Dollar donors
in a private party in Manhattan.

He thanked the American populace, while she only
thanked the money.  

To me, I see this as the winner thanking his grass-root voters, while his opponent, thanked her big money bundlers.

And as you can guess, Her bundlers are very pissed off~.

It will be less a cold winter than it could have been,
if Clinton had won.  

That's the whether forecast. 

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