Saturday, December 17, 2016


The President Ronald Reagan 1 dollar coin
should have been issued this year, 2016.

But it isn't going to be, thanks to a cost cutting initiative by controversial  leader Barry Zerobama, back in 2011.

I'm guessing wildly here,,, but maybe because Zerobama is jealous of Reagan's popularity?

(lovingly lifted from the US Mint [gov] website), this:

This is the 2016 Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coin. These coins with circulating finishes minted at the Denver and Philadelphia Mints have never been placed into circulation.

These coins’ designs display large, dramatic artwork and edge–incused inscriptions of the year, “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” and the mint mark. Each Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coin features a likeness of President Reagan on the obverse (heads) and has a reverse (tails) design featuring a striking rendition of the Statue of Liberty.

Here is the "reason" the Presidential 1-Dollar coins were halted in 2011 by Zerobama, 
(again, lovingly blah blah blah) CBS News:  

The 0bama administration announced today that it's suspending the production of presidential dollar coins as part of its efforts to cut government waste.

Officials said today they expect to save at least $50 million per year in production and storage costs for currency that apparently no one wants to use: More than 40 percent of the $1 coins issued by the U.S. Mint have been returned to the Federal Reserve, leaving the Fed with an excess of nearly 1.4 billion of the coins.

"In these tough times, Americans are making every dollar count, and they deserve the same from their government," Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said in a statement. "We simply shouldn't be wasting taxpayer money on money that taxpayers aren't using."
[emphasis mine]

Another blithering idiot of the ragtag 0bama regime, ignorant of the personal value and pride with which people would place on carrying around Reagan dollar coins in their pockets.

We still see this stunning ignorance today, with the floundering U.S. economy under our dipsh!t leader, Barry Zerobama.

What Presidential 1$ coin was the last to be placed into general circulation, you ask?

Chester A, Arthur, the 21st President, from 1881-1885.

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