Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Wishing Ya'll A Very Happy New Year, 2017

Leticia, Kelsey and I extend our very warmest wishes for a happy New Year to each of you, and it really looks like a guarantee, from the perspective of supporters
of President-elect Trump.

We are taking a few days off, from tonight until January 5, 2017 for our 8th wedding anniversary-- we're headed first to Hot Springs, Arkansas to give grandparents some personal time with Kelsey, then we two are headed due south for the long weekend surrounding New Year's Day.

Katrina is not welcome~
On Monday night, you may see us in Section 112, about the 22-yard line~ enjoying Sugary drinks.
Then back to Hot Springs to pick up a spoiled rotten brat, then back here to Poteau next Wednesday

I've pre-composed a few blog posts for the time that we're away; in the pipeline and ready to go.  Then come two more reasons to celebrate just thereafter, so I have to prepare
'my mind's playground' for the party~

See Ya next year, OK??  

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