Friday, January 6, 2017

Ahh, The Good Old Days~

If there has been a deep, or an overriding vein of topic on my 10-year-old bloggie, (non-politically),
it has been Baseball and the beautiful music of America's greatest composer, Scott Joplin.

Let's take Baseball, first:  The most simple game of batting away an object to an opposing team, then running to a safe place, prior to that batted object touching the same safe space.  Repeat as necessary, until the 3rd out.  Then change places with the other team.  After nine exchanges, whichever team has advanced more to HOME, wins.

Didn't Abner Doubleday ever realize that throwing to a 6'3" First baseman with a 48" reach was an distinct advantage, than the 90 feet that the batter had to run to reach that small goal?
God Did, when He inspired His favourite game to Doubleday~!

  Not just my beloved Cardinals, I honor the game: I've posted blogs about every team in the Majors today, as well as some well known Negro League teams/players I love. So many splendid players of God's Sport, Base Ball.

Since 2000, there have 17 different World Series winners.  No two in a row repeaters.

Therefore, I can say with supreme confidence, that the Chicago Cubbies
~ go ahead and bet the farm on that prediction, & remember where you heard it, first, here from me~!

and what can I say about Joplin's serene, sublime ragtime piano, that I haven't said 200 times or more already?

Here is my daily wake-up alarm song:  "The Ragtime Dance"

I drive around gorgeous, eastern Oklahoma, auditing Indian casinos for the state, while listening mostly to Scott Joplin CD's in my truck~
Can we talk about 'Joy'? 

And here is what all 7 people at my funeral will hear when they close my coffin's lid:  "Solace"

.... but don't hold yer breath on that day coming soon.  I'm told that I will be murdered when I'm 86, on Wednesday, April 7, 2055.

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