Thursday, January 26, 2017

Big Macs In A Much Bigger Box?

Lovingly lifted from the BostonHerald(dot)Com site, this 
sign of the times: 

What’s not to like about a free Big Mac?

The plan is to dispense them from an ATM-like machine, according to Boston burger enthusiasts.
McDonald’s is launching two new versions of the Big Mac — the Big Mac Jr. and the Grand Mac — with a giveaway promotion in Kenmore Square Tuesday.

A McDonald’s statement said the chain “is excited to invite the local community to experience the Big Mac ATM in order to try these delicious new Big Mac sizes firsthand.” Burgers will be dispensed Tuesday between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. “while supplies last.”

But a quick Herald consumer survey outside the Golden Arches there found little enthusiasm for an automated burger dispenser that many fear is the wave of the future as struggling fast-food chains look to cut costs.

“I’d rather have quality over convenience, and I’d rather know that my food is fresh rather than coming from a machine,” said Boston University student Sophie Will, 18. “I guess it’s just old-time, but there’s a certain human element that comes with making food (See my comment, below~).

“I think it’s kind of comical,” said Brad Douglas, 36, of Florida. “I mean, do we really need an ATM that sells Big Macs? I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Idiocracy,’ but it reminds me of that, where they have the vending machine that sells tacos. So maybe we’re just going down that road. I would question the technology and how it cooks the food, how it stores the food. If it was something that was maintained routinely ... I like having a human interaction when I order my food, and I like that there’s a person employed by the company in order to provide that service, and I think we’re removing a job by doing that, and I would prefer not to see that.”

Yeah, I guess so, but we're also removing the possibility of the jerk in the kitchen spitting in our meals, too~

Across the country low skilled workers have been pushing hard for a $15 minimum wage believing that they are entitled to earn more. While it certainly is hard making it on less than $15 an hour it’s even harder to make it if you don’t have a job.

Economists at Forbes magazine points out that those pushing for the $15 minimum wage
are just shooting themselves in the foot.

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Cathy Monroe said...

All I think of when I see the reactions of the people is the Automat. Don't know if they had them out west, but in New York, they were big. You just put your coins in the slot and the door opened and you took your food. There were people preparing the food, but you rarely saw them. Guess everything old is new again.