Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Daddy's Day

We've had such a great time tonight-- our daughter Kelsey at 7-1/2 months is trying so hard to stay up on her fat little legs and trying to walk, doing more bouncing than stepping, she's precious to watch as she can bring out one leg, then just shakes it back and forth, bouncing up and down on her other leg.

And she can feel that there's another big day, like Christmas, in the making:  Because she is so alert, so wide awake, jabbering, crawling around my legs right now, climbing up to see what I am doing here~

Mama's in the living room, simultaneously watching TV and marinating sirloins for tomorrow, a cook-out that nobody expected, for January 11.

Leticia's dad Kenneth and his new wife Karen will be here tomorrow, and I've invited another couple to come over and eat/celebrate 

Kelsey, now sitting in my lap here, demands to add something--

 v j,aa sWW[K 


(interpretation) Move over, DA DAA

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