Thursday, January 5, 2017

"Democrats are best used as firewood"

If I've said it once, 10 years ago, I've said it 2035 times:

I don't like you Democrats.

Lovingly lifted from Me, January 7. 2007

So far, I've not much to say about the new Democratic leadership in the American Congress, except to ask this: Why does the Lady Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, need to have a four-day fundraiser event, at this point in the election cycle, by having a $1,000. a plate dinner splash so soon? It's so true, and I am a part, in throwing the Republican Bums out of office; but Nazi Pelosi, demonstrating so early that all that she's for is raising money, worries me alot. 
Sorry, typo there--- Nanzi, I mean Nanzy, Nancy! 

Democrats are best used as firewood, in my opinion, so like I say, we shall see. Let's give em two years, then call for their removal, or their ignition.... Besides, if America focuses upon the game of politics, like focusing upon college football, or Baseball, then our enemies work their evil without us noticing it.

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