Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hillary Rodham Clinton's
Self-Imposed HELL

Dear Hillary,  

      In case nobody within your inner circle is bold enough to tell you (what with your Instant Rage/Assault & Battery background), 
I have to tell you that your horrible candidacy for the office of President was only half your party's fault.  
Or as Mitt Romney would say, about 47% their fault.

      The other half of your horrible candidacy for the office of President, is fully your fat-ass' fault.
YOU STINK. Really.

      And as Yogi Berra would gladly tell you, the other 50% of your problem, was clearly Bill.

Locally Yours, 
 The Sincere Malcontent

History's Biggest Loser !
And She Expected to Become President

Even Bill Maher begs for Shrillary And Billary to PLEASE, JUST GO AWAY

Shrillary catches her hubby BillyGoat Clinton biting his lip as he ogles First Lady Melania Trump, and mouthing the words "Mmmmm, Yeahhhh, Fine", only moments before his wife turned to look at horny Billy Goat with her incredulous, patented look, meaning, "Once I get you back the hell to Chappaqua, you MOTH8RF00CK1NG WHOREDGOGG, I WILL bEAT you
WITH A wHip!!!!"
at Donald Trump's Presidential Inauguration, January 20, 2017

Meet Hillary R. Clinton, History's Biggest Loser~!
So, in her 'honor' as History's Biggest Loser, I present to you,
for the last time here, her candidacy's theme song, 
the "Fuddy Duddy" for President

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