Saturday, January 14, 2017

Life Is Easy in Urville

lovingly lifted from a confession I guess, found at Ask.metafilter(dot)com, this disturbing question below:

I've invented a complete imaginary world. Am I insane?

Since I was about 13 (I'm 24 now) I have, over time, constructed an imaginary story that I focus on whenever I'm alone - walking somewhere, doing the dishes, tidying my house, etc - but it's not just some little silly story, it's like I'm literally living another life, or other people's lives. To make this a little clearer:

The "story" consists of not one character, but a whole family of characters, who all have their own stories (I know their names, the names of their partners, the names of their ex-partners, their best friends, their best friends' stories), their own careers, I know what they look like, where they live, I play out scenes in my head of different people each time - talking to one another, them at work, I can do it for about an hour and almost script up pages of conversations that they'll have/experiences they'll have, imagine them in interviews (the central family are all famous - I've imagined a family where three of the kids are basically the biggest movie stars in the world, and link real life celebrities to this - guest stars have involved George Clooney and Johnny Knoxville.. wtf...)

Let me just state this has NEVER been a dream. It has always occurred when I am awake. Usually when I'm slightly down (I suffer from depression, I suppose that it could be a form of escapism - I imagine myself with this perfect Hollywood movie star life, instead of my own)

Unlike my Azusa Mongoose Lawn Comb, here, which was a vivid dream I'd had ...

Is that correct?

I'm just wondering... erm... I've never EVER told anyone about this. Not family, friends, anyone, because I have no one like that.

This is the first time I've even written about it. Is it totally and utterly deranged? I mean it's a pretty big deal. I could tell you the birthdays and eye colour of every single 'character' in this imaginary world - that's got to be about 20 people I've invented.
What the hell am I doing? And has anyone else ever done this?  I'm starting to wonder if I'm all there, upstairs. And yes, if anyone asks, I'm being totally serious. This isn't a joke question.

I live alone, and have for over 5 years, in a dimly lit house, possibly haunted but probably not, really alone for 24 hours a day.

I love no one, I have no friends, I celebrate no one, and nobody celebrates me.   I have no family whatsoever.  Am I insane?

With its population of 12 million, its formidable architecture, and its extensive infrastructure,

Urville, the capital of a large island province, is one of Europe’s most important cities. If your geographic confidence is beginning to quiver and crumble, you can exhale — Urville is entirely imaginary.

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