Monday, January 30, 2017

Monsters Are Always Trouble

We can't avoid them, when we are in either service-oriented jobs,
or in governmental jobs.  

Monsters~ Not someone who is deformed against their will, no~
but a monster just because they got up on the wrong side
of the bed today.

One such Monster followed me into the West Siloam Springs Cherokee casino this morning, literally flailing her arms, ranting/raving, cursing me, screaming that "You took my parking space - Nobody else parks there but ME!"

I didn't say a word to her until I'd been cleared to go inside, and at the Security desk, I told the guard how this woman had jumped down my throat, ever since I'd parked in the designated/assigned "Gaming Commission Parking" slot of their parking lot.

But Ohh! Did that stop her?  She continued ranting that since she'd been hired there, all the handicapped parking slots were often full too, that's why she chose the Gaming Commission slot (there's one at every Oklahoma casino) for herself.  She did not appear to be physically handicapped in any way to me; maybe mentally?~

I never learned what her job was there at Siloam- 
Cherokee security took over the matter, once I had reported in;
and she didn't wear a uniform, 
Like there would be uniforms for vulgar, foul-mouthed Monsters

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