Sunday, January 1, 2017

My Favourite Bird, the Mockingbird

My Favourite Bird, the Mockingbird

I've always felt comforted hearing this lonely bird singing his love songs in the wee hours before sunrise, both when I lived alone/was married to Leti in Yanush, and now here in Poteau.

It's an Indian thing to respect birds:  Eagles, Crows, Hawks- and to try to learn their speech~  When one does learn it, truly that opens up another world, fascinating to explore

and repeat/respond

Add owls and doves and mockingbirds to that list, because I understand all their signals and their calls; in that, I am really blessed by GOD.

But my favourite is the lowly mockingbird. His nonsense is hysterical to me.
He is the Barney Fife, he's Cosmo Kramer, he/she is the Ethel Mertz of the bird world. 

I have woke up from a deep sleep so many times, hearing the warbling, the jing-jangling of a mockingbird, outside my open windows, & then lain there, listening to him call for his lover, or proudly express that he's found food or a water source, or simply heralding the new day's beginning- ,
all full of hope, excitement and anticipation.

Birds acknowledge GOD every day,
because they know
that GOD IS.

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LL said...

I agree with you. Mockingbirds are fun at every level. I enjoy when they return in the spring.

My daughter asked me to eradicate a mockingbird that sat outside her window and annoyed her. I asked, "How could I hurt Gregory?" (Named for Gregory Peck, an actor in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD)

She said (angrily) "You named the bird?"

She knew that if I named it, I would be of no help to her.