Thursday, January 19, 2017

Once Upon A Time,
In A Country Which
Never Materialized

Remember When?

Voters in that hopeful utopia elected their coming Messiah-- So much more than a mere man, but a man-God, 

whose rousing rhetoric about 
Change coming to that land 
per his election, raised the hopes of millions and millions of them.   
And with the incoming, high tide of the Messiah's election, almost immediately those hopes of a better country, of a racially unified country, the prayers of a  reversal of the country's economic decline,

were dashed and shredded on the sharp, rocky shores of reality.  The Messiah had indeed been exactly what only a few disembodied voices predicted that he'd be:  A Failure.

Soon after the Messiah assumed the ultimate power in Utopia, his rousing rhetoric, once used to electrify the masses, began to be a monotone, it became condescending, it became unbearable to listen to more than 8-second-sound bytes at a time.

Likewise, lofty promises of ushering in an era of racial tranquility, of a real and obviously growing economy

were suddenly replaced with goals which the great population never wanted in the first place; Discontent replaced Hope.  Despair replaced Confidence. Higher taxes replaced the lowered sea levels.

His mask slipped and the people saw his true face, an indignant narcissist, bound and determined to dismantle the countryside from within with his unpopular, anathemic plans which angered far, far more people than those plans benefited.

The populace became uneasy, because to look upon his visage was to risk becoming enthralled, again-  To listen to more of his words again, was to risk becoming beguiled again.

~ His most closely, misguided followers, those who could enact his decrees, began falling in numbers so great and so fast, that Messiah blamed not himself -at all

But instead, blamed imagined/encouraged racism, blamed the Almighty Creator, blamed demonic spirits with both voices and computer keyboards for thwarting his Utopian ideals:  '"Ideals" best for the country', Messiah said~

Intended for a country which naturally found them repugnant
and foreign to the ways that each had been raised to believe.   
His followers began to lose their abilities, their office to initiate Messiah's changes, one by one, grueling year-by year-- thus rendering the Messiah more and more isolated from the masses which he'd twice, successfully deceived.

Ultimately, to the point where Messiah was reduced to issuing Pedantic Orders instead of creating Noble laws.
And at that point, the Messiah finally exposed himself to the voters for exactly what he was, and for what he and his shrinking minstrel band of elected followers really and truly always had been:  Liars, Story Tellers, Flim Flam artists, Hucksters, and Evil Doers.

And they, 
the Messiah and his followers, fell from grace more rapidly than eagles from on high, like stones hurled from the heavens down, down, and their forced fall was disabling, was awkward, was disfiguring and revealing.

Revealing, because they never once intended to make
your lives better, you dupe.


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