Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sadly lifted from Cleveland(dot)Com, because the author, Joe Vardon decided
to include Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday celebration in their headline, this:

Warriors rout Cavs again on MLK Day, 126-91

OAKLAND, Calif. -- The last time Golden State embarrassed the Cavs on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it cost a coach his job and shook an organization to its core.

The Warriors' 126-91 bomb dropped on Cleveland Monday night was as ugly for the Cavs but isn't going to have near the same effect.

Finishing their season long six-game road trip in perhaps the worst of all places and situations -- at Oracle Arena against a Warriors team that hadn't played since Thursday -- the Cavs played with the nonchalance of a defending champion riding a four-game winning streak against its rival.

The Warriors played with the urgency of a team on the other side of that streak.

Martin would be appalled by this hack writer, by both the Cavs and the Warriors and by Black politicians alike today,
By everyone who has decided to misappropriate his birthday for strictly racial, or sporting , or political purposes.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. must be spinning in his grave, because of how his name, and the holiday celebrating his birth, have become so politicized. 

Hey, YO Jesus, Know What I Mean??  Care to give ol' Martin some comforting words regarding our national betrayal of his life's work, from You experience??

I hate Democrats, because they use our national treasures, like Dr. King, Jr., as mere badges of self-confident, insolence.
and Intolerance.
They NO MORE represent the high, egalitarian values espoused by the late Reverend Dr. King, 
than McDonald's food represents wholesome nutrition.

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