Friday, January 6, 2017

Three Bizarre Dreams I Had During Our Vacation

The first one was just amazing:  
I remember the most about this dream, over the next two.

On December 30, 2016, I dreamt that we were still living in Yanush, in the lake house, except that Leticia did not appear in that dream, yet I understood that we were married--  

Anyway, I dreamt that I was alone at home when there came a forceful knocking on the front door, within the screened-in porch, and several suited men burst in to the living room. 

They told me that they had some improvements for my home to install, that I could NOT deny them, that I had to accept the improve- ments, there and then, under penalty of law.

While I sat back and watched from a central, raised part of my former living room
(which in truth does not exist), I watched these several men, take out parts of walls, and replacing them with exquisite, beautiful windows of glass bricks, installing them one-by-one, level-by-level, into walls. bottom to top~ I watched them elevate and highlight the sofa and TV part of the living room about 2 feet higher than the remainder of the living area, up to the level from which I observed all this.

Suddenly, wires fell down in front of my face from the ceiling, with little LED lights on the ends of them all, and the little lights were implanted into the living room ceiling, again beautifully, creating an appealing scene, in my dream-mind's opinion.

But then it became intrusive, as the men went into my/our bedroom (in Yanush), and I followed them in there, where they told me that more lighting was necessary, and then suddenly more wires with little lights began falling from the ceiling.  Then the men said that my/our bed needed to be moved, but it was up to me to move it myself:   I began to move the mattresses toward a wall which did not exist (there's a door there in reality) and 

suddenly great flashes of bright light from somewhere-- outside or inside -- and the number of men within my bedroom literally became an audience of men within my bedroom 
(*I remember feeling/seeing the number "20 more" men.

I was startled awake at that point~
The Very Next Night, I dreamed that there was some emergency, again I am alone in Yanush,
there's a Tornado Warning.  I can hear the sirens. 
And I help my neighbors and others save their belongings in some  big truck, I guess--- 
I saw that we all piled their things, their belongings under a gas station's awnings along side of a mountain road.  It seemed like it was unloaded off the back end a bus-

Everyone congratulated me for helping them get their belongings there, that I was their hero:

But what happened to my house during the storm?
I remember seeing a panorama of the area, from the same mountain road gas station, first seeing a pretty, grey brick, two-story house, just completed and for sale,
then my house off to the left, which was demolished.

All the heaps of clothing and piles of furniture which were saved from other peoples' homes were unanimously given to me, to furnish my new house, .... which was to be the grey brick, two-story house that I'd seen earlier.   All of this happened while inside the gas station.


My Favourite of the Three, January 1 night, "Killing Bill"

I dreamed that I shot and killed Bill Clinton in my grandparents' yard in Poteau. 
And I was cheered by everyone for doing so.

DON'T remember a lot of the details of this dream, except that Bill Clinton was wandering around north of my grandparents' yard:  Bill Clinton was taunting me, and that I came up on him and threatened him to get away from the place. 

Then he really bowed up on me, taunting me, up close and in my face, so I pulled out some kind of two-piece pistol which had to be put together quickly before it could be used:  I did, and as Bubba ran around in circles around me, I shot him several times.

I saw him fall down.  However.the next scene was of a dead Bill Clinton lying face up, in the Southeast corner of their yard.

The next thing I dreamed was confronting Hillary Clinton in my grandparents' kitchen, and She WAS SO Very Excited that I'd killed her husband... 
She Thanked Me for killing her husband Bill~

She went on to plan another run at the Presidency, while her dead husband lay dead, under a Maple tree on the Southeast side of my grandparents' yard in Poteau, next to their driveway, with many, tiny bullet holes in his chest.
That sure was summm good Cajun cooking we enjoyed in New Orleans~!

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