Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Gonna be a Long Night for two of us

It's 1 am, and Kelsey has a fever, which we hope is associated with her budding some 
little upper molar teeth.

I was s"elected" to man the overnight shift, even though I have a full day's work in 9 hours.
Kelsey's unconfortable, real fussy, here in daddy's lap as I type this-- trying her best to be happy, off and on, but no~

Fortunately for me, Leticia made my favourite dish, meatloaf and roasted garlic potatoes tonight, but now that I think about it, that's probably WHY she gets to sleep, and not me.
Thus this personal update, while Kelsey suffers- 

I'm getting tired of my hair being so long. it's not cut right, it keeps falling into my eyes, my face when I look down. Thinking alot about cutting it all off....

This chair squeaks when I move, Eyes wide open again, my baby is too fussy, alert

That took all of 4 minutes..................  What next?

I bought/brought home the 2 huge Fern plants which Leticia wanted to hang on both sides of our front door today.  She could be doing that now, I think, .... instead she's asleep upstairs~

The privacy fence around the backyard is taking more time than expected, the landscape crew told me last Wednesday that they'd have to bring in fill dirt for support along a part of our yard, otherwise the fence boards would tilt out by more than 30 degrees....  Read: another $300... And so the crew brought in 1/4 ton corse dirt/sand, dumped it all next to the driveway, and today they have parked a backhoe to use there too.  Instead of finishing by February 20, now it's mid-March, weather permitting.

Wow, just 12 minutes??  Kelsey still not asleep, but I trhink she's getting there.

I don't dare look at political websites tonight, or I'd get pumped up and go sleepless myself

I don't hear any owls hooting yet outside yet~

Did you see the Orange solar eclipse yesterday from Chile?  Something is going on with the Sun, but it's too soon for me to claim it's Biblical prophecy, Nibiru, whatever~

ONLY 1:36 AM??  Feels like I've/We've been sitting here all night..../
OK, I've put baby into her bed, I think that the Ora Gel is working, maybe the wine, either way Kelsey is asleep. For now.  Night Watch. Me. 
Now some more meatloaf.
Goodnight for now~?


Hello again, here it is 2:58 am, one of us slept, one of me got a 10 minute nap.
Kelsey is having such a rough time with these teeth, she only smiled at daddy when I picked her up after changing her diaper, then began bawling again. 

more Ora Gel, and I can administer a baby aspirin at 3:30, 
This Indian girl is Awake, crawling, walking around the den here~ wide awake
Go. To Sleep

3:07 am.  I'm drugged, need sleep. Yeah, i'm a woossie, i guess, Kelsey is just getting started~ She.Will.Pay.Someday.
*I always wanted to live Blog an event, but I thought it'd be something else

But I am loving daddyhood, this is what I wanted...(?) Kelsey's a live wire, going strong,,
Maybe I can postpone Muskogee Creek and Catoosa until Wednesday, when I go up Tulsa way again, thank God I don't have Miami and Northeast Oklahoma anymore, beyond Tulsa

I had a brief dream wherein I was being told to go into a hospital inside a shopping center, and I did, where I was strip searched and put into a jail cell.  dont know if that was tonight or last night or the night before, now---  

3: 40 am, Kelsey is watching a video in her swing, happy, painless, AWAKE TOO

I may as well stay up all night~? she is.... I can cut my workload down to 3 casinos tomorrow but that would back me up big time, this is a bad week, first of the month March
Daddyhood, daddyhood, daddyhood, daddyhood

Itr's after 4 am.  Kelsey's going strong, awake pain free thankfully.  me not so much, I'm worn out, fussy, I can get an extra hour sleep, +3 if I want to skip Muskogee Creek altogether

Better now~  I took a quick shower while Kelsey watched her Singsong video. the first time I've used this downstairs shower... better hot water, but colder bathroom here~
I may make it to Muskogee by 11 am, I need somemore meatloaf, more coffee...

Asleep in her swing~!!!!!!!!!!  
Rewind it as quiet as possible,.., and just over there's my goal, the napcouch.
 It is 5:08 am.
going in for the win....

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