Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Another version of a day dedicated to love, pursuing love, celebrating love, and another Valentine's day which I thought was eternally denied to me:  To be a father.

Last year on Valentine's Day, I celebrated my pregnant Leticia (here) with a corny song from the 1960s, "You're Havin' my Baby".  So here's another corny song for this year, LOL...

Our personal Valentine's day celebration, like I hope for you, was & will be, far more personal~

Have a wonderful, Very Personal Valentine's Day everyone!!  Because all there is, is love.

Today's local weather Forecast?? Lots of 'Reign',
inches of love reigning down from
the One Who Loves us Most~

1 comment:

Leticia said...

Congratulations!! And your wife shares my name, cool!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!