Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"Ol' Abner has done it again."

Now for the other great love of my life, St. Louis Cardinals Baseball, this Valentine's Day.

I get so giddy this time of year-- 
So ready for some great Cardinal baseball~!
Between the time of the last OU football bowl game 
and then the Zzzz Super Bowl, all there is to listen to on the radio, sportswise, is golf and tennis.  

And believe you me, listening to Golf play-by-play on the radio will cause you to deliberately drive onward in traffic.

Say, what a beautiful moon outside tonight; I wish you folks in St. Louis could see it too....

I post these (indelicate) quotes, not to make fun of
St. Louis Cardinal baseball broadcaster Mike Shannon,
but because I am a true & diehard fan.
I love listening to him broadcast games & miss the days of Jack & Mike. 
So with all due respect & admiration, I honor Mike Shannon here
enjoy these Shannonisms

Very lovingly lifted from a brand-new website, Shannonisms(dot)comthese spoken Goldnuggets
by St. Louis Baseball broadcaster, Mike Shannon:

Broadcasting the day before Easter:
"I just want to tell everyone Happy Easter and Happy Hanukkah."

"He was trying to hit a three run homer with the bases empty. To my knowledge, no one in the history of the game has ever done that. But it could happen someday. You never know in this world of baseball."

Referring to former manager Whitey Herzog:
"The key thing is, he has that photogenic mind."

"Boy, a cold frosty Budweiser would be great about now. (Long pause) Ahhhhh."

"Well that’s the life of a reliever. It’s either a mountain or a valley, there’s no in-between. You either get all of the glory or all of the goat hair."

(After Brian Jordan was hit by a pitch for the 4th time on a single road trip)
”He must feel like a Ouija board.”

“Like Spring makes the rains come, so does the edge of the plate grow.”

“Our next home stand follows this road trip.”

“I don’t like that play. I’ve seen it go opposite more often than positive.”

"The crowd's on their feet for the Canadian Star Spangled Banner."

(Cards-Cubs rivalry) ‘‘It doesn’t matter if they’re home or away,
or vice versa.”

(about a 1-0 lead at Wrigley Field) ‘‘One run in this ballpark is like a grain of salt in the Sahara Desert.”

(About a base stealer) “Sometimes when you feel the urge, you’ve just gotta go.”

"there's a nice young couple enjoying the game. I'll betcha he's kissing her on the strikes and she's kissing him on the balls."

While on an extended road trip, Jack Buck mentioned the next stop; (paraphrasing) "Next we move on to Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love." After a very short pause, Mike offers (with a chuckle); "I thought that was San Francisco."

"Yosemite Sam was my favorite looney tune. He's the kind of guy I'd like to sit down and have a couple adult beverages with."

(referring to the opposing pitcher) "He's having trouble with the signals out there. I don't know if they're giving them in English, Spanish, computer, or what."

"The pitcher and catcher talk it over. He says, 'Look, we're up by six. If he wants to steal third, let him. If he wants to steal home, let him. If he wants to steal from the cookie jar, he can have that, too.'"

"Foul ball! Oh and it lands right in that lady's bush.
(long pause)
 And by Busch, of course, I'm referring to her ice cold beer. That sounds pretty good right about now."

Pretty soon, the sounds of the Cardinal Call to Worship, on KMOX radio,
and the world begins ANEW:

Lastly, a ragtime, Joplin-esque version of "The King of Beers", featuring all the popular Budweiser commercials~ ~Have a lovely night, you eager-beaver sports fans...

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