Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Startling News To No One ~
Except PeeWee Herman
And Milo Yiannopolis

Personality CAN change dramatically: You're a completely different person at 14 and 77, according to the longest-ever study into human character.

It's good news for awkward teenagers the world over, as it turns out you really do become a completely different person as you get older.

Scientists carried out personality tests on people at the age of 14, and then again more than sixty years later when they were 77 years old.

The team found hardly any relationship between traits people
had as adolescents and those in their golden years.

(Unless maybe, you're a reporter for The Daily Mail or for CNN perhaps?)

'Very broadly adolescents become rather less conscientious, more impulsive, more willing to take risks and seek adventure, more moody and irritable, and more social for a few years, then reverse those trends as they move into adulthood',  'First jobs and then parenthood tend to accentuate the trends toward general maturity and more and better stability.'

In other breaking news, "Adding Water to Things
Makes Them Less Dry, More Wet~!",  your Local Wetnoodle claims....

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