Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Liberal Insanity is Spreading

"Liberalism is a mental disease"  Dr. Michael Savage~

Well, that seems to be true, and it is spreading.  I tracked down the following website,
by first seeing it on Drudge, then the Daily Caller sites.

It's an alternate universe online, where Liberals can retreat to, where their every Leftist whim comes true, in news-story form. 
 ~Think "the Onion", only weirder, more twisted.  OK, there's my explanation; Here goes:

Lovingly lifted from Hillary Beat Trump (dot) org,
this "wonderful" news:
CAMBRIDGE, MA -- Just seven weeks into Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidency, historians are predicting it's already headed for the "all-time top five," according to Harvard University's Doris Kearns Goodwin.

"She is already firmly in the top ten, and flirting with taking Teddy Roosevelt's spot at number five," Kearns Goodwin told NPR's Terry Gross on "Fresh Air."

In barely two months, Clinton has made headlines and warmed liberal hearts by appointing the most diverse cabinet in history - including the highest-ranking Muslim in government, increasing the minimum wage to $12 an hour, raising taxes on the ultra wealthy, shutting down the Dakota Access Pipeline, mandating parental leave, and welcoming Syrian immigrants
Of course the big fights are still ahead of her: heath care and Wall Street reform.

"No doubt, these are going to be politically difficult needles to thread," Goodwin said. "I think she'll impress us though. She's building on Obama's legacy, and in the end, I think she'll be competitive with FDR and Lincoln."

That's bad enough- but things there in the Liberal Wingnut Universe proceed to get WORSE:
lovingly lifted again, 

LOS ANGELES -- The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced Monday that agents have reopened their investigation into the circumstances surrounding Heath Ledger's death in light of new evidence indicating the troubled actor was in contact with Sen. Ted Cruz, the Zodiac Killer, around the time he died, apparently of an overdose.

"We don't know anything yet, and I can't comment on an ongoing investigation,
but Ted Cruz is guilty," said FBI Director James Comey.

According to investigators, Cruz, who is the Zodiac Killer, murdered Vince Foster during the Clinton Administration. In interviews, Cruz told police he only embarked on a life of killing to impress his father, the man who shot JFK.

Ultimately, here's my question:  Could this daffy website instead be the brain-child of a real Conservative entrepreneur?  I mean, that would be genius, and an idea which your Local Malcontent played with, about a year ago...  Making this bloggie suddenly Liberal, endorsing Shrillary, in order to display fully all of her hatred and idiocy.  Thankfully, I didn't~

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