Friday, February 17, 2017


An Environmental Protection Chief
that We Can Depend Upon

It just now happened--- Scott Pruitt has just been confirmed by the US Senate as the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency~!

This is a great day for America, believe me, and a great day/future for the environment of the united States of America henceforth.

I know Scott Pruitt-- We're actually acquainted with him- 

He and his wife Marilyn have been guests in our Yanush home during the controversy over Sardis' water rights,

and I supported his extraordinary work as Oklahoma AG, in negotiations with the Civilized Tribes of Oklahoma (READ THE CHOCTAW TRIBE), with the 3-sided, mutually beneficial agreement over the Lake Sardis water distribution!  Yeah, our former home (just outside our bedroom window/deck), Choctaw water rights, & Oklahoma City's rights, as well as those needs, after the first two were fulfilled, of north Texas;

MY highest congratulations, my admiration to my friend, Oklahoma Attorney General, Scott Pruitt, the New Environmental Protection Agency Administrator for President Donald J. Trump~ !

What a great day for America, to have this HONEST man as the head of the EPA~!!

Do research on him , on his very honest, very humanitarian viewpoints, regarding the planet's natural resources, and you will have to agree, Scott Pruitt is a rising star of conservatism, is a rising star of environmental pragmatism and CARE~!

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