Friday, March 17, 2017

A ligean ar gach Ceiliúradh,
Baile Fhobhair Táimid Gaeilge, Aye ~!

(translation) Let's Celebrate, fore We're All Irish Today, Aye~

It's Friday and it's St. Patrick's Day.  This rare convergence of astronomical events, and fateful occurrence of the calendar, happens only once every 459 years*, so it's time to thank God that we're Irish on a Friday, and celebrate our common ancestry from the wee little people, the Leprechauns.

Chucky Charms:  we're tired of every little brat stealing away our Lucky Charms, we be fightin' mad now, an 'ave 'ad enough, I say~

*  I made this statistic up, it's the Irish Way~

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