Thursday, March 16, 2017

"CHARITY" is Giving This Hamburger
Too Much Credit

Would you pay $10,000. for this~?

It looks horrible, but this ‘Seven Emirates Burgerstack' was auctioned off for 10 Grand, for Breast Cancer.  

"The delicious Burgerstack was prepared with 7 Al Jassiri (patties?) with aged cheddar and veal bacon (* cause we are Muslim, duu-du-du-duum) in a saffron brioche burger bun with 7 spices & Harrisa burger sauce."
(* I like A1 Sauce on a cheeseburger....)

"The dish was served with a delicious milkshake."

Lovingly lifted from Emirates247(dot)Com,
this indigestible account:
Especially when you consider what other, more tasty treats this hamburger was in competition with:  

  • ‘Braised short ribs with desert truffles’;
  • Yasa Caviar with hot smoked sturgeon and Al jabab blinis’;
  • 'Seafood risotto with pistachio and dried cherry tomatoes’;
  •  ‘Lobster kibbe with avocado labneh’  (*anything with guacamole is delicious);
  • a kebab dish they called ‘Roots of my backyard forest’;

The auction raised over $29,632 for Breast Cancer research, so that's a good thing~
No word on how much a tablespoon of Pepto Bismol was selling for, after the event...

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