Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Introducing My New Part-Time Business
Traditional American Business Machines

I've hired these important people to Reintroduce/Sell reliably made American business machines to the masses:

Local Mal-Office Grand Opening by office manager 'Big Rod' Fleischer

Our Impressive Product Line includes all the following, and more~:

These Computorators ARE the Next Big Thing in Business Administration~!

No more Burros, because now the Local Malcontent Business machine outlet Offers these models:


But wait, there's so much more from Your Local Malcontent Business machine Outlet~

Do you need telephones?  An internal telephonic system, which is open to outside calls~!  TOO??
And managing a Charge-free WATs Line?  (Skirts ARE required for all 'Operators', due to space limitations)

And what would any Modern Busy Bee business be, without a way to monitor their current stock price? Reintroducing the "Stock market Tick-kicker" It all runs on 120V AC,
 another novel Business accomodation of the 20th Century~!

Coming soon, in FALL, 2017:  

The Brand (re)New Royal Symplex Typewriter

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