Friday, March 10, 2017

It's GOOD to be the Boss'es Kid

When I was little, sometimes I would go down to the LeFlore County court house where my father worked for a time, and while I was there, all alone and unsupervised, I'd slide down the marble banisters from the 3rd floor all the way to the lobby; or I'd go into the Sheriff's Office and type gibberish on his typewriter (*early practice for this bloggie, you see~)

Another late afternoon there, I'd snuck into a judge's office, just to "look around", when the telephone rang.  Feeling an air of authority there in Judge Pate's office, I answered it ---

and it was my mother calling.  Honest Injun, It. Was. My. Mom!  And 'course, she recognized my voice immediately.  
That was the last time I had the run of the county courthouse, come to think of it....

But this kid below, his daddy must be the station manager

at Jackson, MS. KLBT, Channel 3 TV station:

Have a laugh, then you have yourselves 

         a great early Spring weekend~!  

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