Sunday, March 5, 2017

When Only Voice Was Required, Inspired

Meet Thomas Tillys, a 16th Century composer of choral Christian music.  He lived from 1505 until 1585, and lived a simple man's life of composing chorale music for various abbeys, a monastery, then served the Anglican Church in England as her chief composer.

Throughout his service to successive monarchs as organist and composer, Tallis avoided the religious controversies that raged around him, though like William Byrd, he stayed an "unreformed Roman Catholic." 
Tallis was capable of switching the style of his compositions to suit the different monarchs' vastly different demands.

Whatever-  Six hundred years later, I've found Thomas Tillys' music, and fallen in love with it~

The beauty of this choral should never be lost, because we as humankind are rudderless with no point of origin and Therefore Aimless, without this glorious and humble, Christian foundation to hear and to become renewed in Christ Jesus, ... humans, who apart from 

our Holy Creator, just for now~

reaching deep deep inside, and Remembering who We all truly are:  
Immortal Souls, A Fragment, just a tiny Spark OF, Yet an Eternal part of GOD ALMIGHTY,
Discovering, Revealing HIMSELF, 
Through us, our daily lives ~

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