Monday, April 17, 2017

ABC-TV's Chief Wrinkly,
Socialist LIE Correspondent

Securely within the pocket of the U.S. Democratic party,

ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz along with her husband, National Public Radio's Tom Gjelten, deliver only the slanted news that the Globalists want you to hear, via the public airwaves:

Why won't Martha red Radish retire?
At age 64, she looks like she's 364.  Her withered, pencil-neck covering sash, that dyed hair covering her skeleton skull, inducing TV viewers to vomit upon seeing her, realizing that Radish is as old as Martha Washington,
hoping to become the next Helen Thomas,
The Grand Turtle of Liberal Views/ News. 

What if she stays on, another 10 years,
30 years past her prime, like Helen did,

how Horrible will Raddazt's image be, then?

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