Monday, April 17, 2017


Saturdays's North Korean "Big Sun Parade" whatever,
displayed one particular Geographical LIE, 
to their forced, assembled parade viewers, over there in Pyongyang:

"Pyong Yang";  always reminds me of some small dude with a bad haircut, bragging about his manhood~ LOL~~

Anyways, there was one Float in that Pyongyang parade which was an obvious lie,
to their residents:

And it is this one, a float with a representation of the Earth, with North Korea so much larger than, realistically.  

Either that or North America is far more tiny, than it is actually.

Either way, North Korea's education system is flawed~  showing that N, Korea is as large As the Western 1/3 of America~, in this image, despite the Doves~

To the assembled, the Korean peninsula is instead represented as a Huge penisulna, hanging uncut, undivided from China's midsection,
with the North American continent so nearby to the east, as a tiny,
shriveled-up body of land.

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LL said...

The country without electricity at night -- is definitely overcompensating.