Saturday, April 8, 2017

I Got Nuthin, In Particular ~

Random thoughts, this Saturday, APRIL 8, 2017

** I feel empty headed, and have been this way for at least a month.  I have been struggling to come up with anything  I thought would be interesting for this bloggie, with many failures

** I had a sort-of 'nightmare' last night:  I dreamed that I was in the presence of some mean drug dealer, who had a reputation of beating the living crap out of anyone in his presence, whenever he felt like it.  Guess what- it was me this time.  After what seemed like hours of torment, I saw him, the moment that he raised up a large metal pipe to whack my skull with, I woke up.

Our lawn mower, the 2011 Azusa-Mongoose Lawn Comb, won't start after its' winter's nap, so our lawn is tall. 

Enjoy here, Negros dancing in the African bush:

Our favourite baby nickname for Kelsey lately is "PoopChute".  (( like at least 5 times a day ))
Other than that, Kelsey is 11 months old now, 23-1/2 pounds, and she acts like she owns the place already.
Which, she does~!
>>cannot wait completing potty training this wild girl~

Our (much smaller) first year vegetable garden is beginning to take shape:  Everything's coming up good so far: Strawberries, Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Carrots; 
Definitely cantaloupe, later this year 

When we figure out the growing season here on Cavanal hill, we'll plant more variety~

The privacy fence around our home is finished, and we're happy with it, but the contractor still has to come provide support concrete for 32 feet outside said fence, along the steepest slope, 
or our contract is NULL AND VOID.

+++++++ President Trump +++++++

Note the passing of comedian Don Rickles, at age 90.  "DON'T SASS ME, YOU HOCKEY PUCK,,,  I'M WORKING HERE~!!  to howling laughter from countless casino audiences.
Rest in Peace, Don Rickles~

OK, laundry's done.  I have to go now~

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