Sunday, April 9, 2017

My YouTube Account HACKED,
For Some Bizarre Reason

Someone has been able to hack my YouTube "Favorites" list, adding some vulgar rap videos, some druggie videos, and even some Liberal Democrat-Commie videos.  

So Far, I've discovered 6 alien videos among my "Favorites" list.  

I'm going to change my password there later, as well as delete the obscene videos therein, ASAP.

BUT, there is one that I kind of Like:  A drug addict and his impromptu rap/blues video, which I've thought worthy to include here on The Local Malcontent bloggie:

Introducing James Williams, 'Freestyle'
"Chasin' the Dragon, part 1" ~

THIS is Healthy, Awesome, Cathartic, HONEST, all-in-1:

If any of you readers should happen to view any obscene or offensive, or Chicago Cubs highlight videos on this, my bloggie, please tell me in the comments, & I'll remove it ~!!

My YouTube account is open and visible to everyone, just like my Local Malcontent bloggie, I want to keep both family friendly.  Over there on YouTube, I go by "AaronXOK".

Only, be careful-- there's a ton of Scott Joplin ragtime to wade through, and other nonsense to be found there~  

But it's all been featured here on my bloggie here, before.... 

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