Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Odd, Disturbing Dream Last Night~

That's the last time I eat BBQ chicken wings
and mustard greens, right before bed~

I dreamed that I was at a party, as a single young man, but that the party was over, and I couldn't get to my CAR-- a car that I owned/drove between 1988 & 1992, my gold Lincoln Mark VII. 

It was parked on a hill-sided, circle driveway, with other cars parked both in front and in back, blocking my departure-- I couldn't get it out-, and I remember thinking/dreaming how pretty my car is (and it WAS~!)
and so, I decided to walk home... wherever that ~

But somewhere along the way, I remembered that I needed to bring something back to the party-giver, (I had some kind of big cardboard sign under my left arm), and I began to walk back to the party house, which I later understood to be on the Florida Atlantic coastline.

I walked and I walked, climbing through many wooden structures, like piers, up and down the sandy slopes, and along wooden boardwalks between the ocean and the backs of other homes, until I finally decided instead to walk along the beach---  and that the beach sand was rose coloured, and was even in the shapes of sand roses, where I chose to walk.

That's when I woke up, as I was walking through the sand roses, cardboard under my left arm, the Ocean to my left.

was fairly light and I have come home early.

Our baby is napping; she curls up on her left side just like her mama does, one arm on her face/forehead, the other hanging limp and straight.  And I wonder if Kelsey has funny dreams that she doesn't understand, like her daddy does.
I hope someday, that she tells me all her dreams.

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