Thursday, April 20, 2017

"Parting IS Such Sweet Sorrow ..."

This Time, I Mean IT.  I'M done.
I'M Cashed Out.  I'M Tired.

There is so much I'm grateful for, and So Many individuals who, Likewise I cherish and am eternally grateful for, 

regarding this bloggie of mine:::  If you've visited my bloggie here more than once, count yourself in that splendid group of beloved friends that I've had the privilege to speak with here~!

From my early days back in Yanush, OK,  as a single guy just wanting to express myself sharing here the Choctaw people around me back then, many of them dead now, or just wandered off-- to the times I shared my romance, then my engagement and Wedding with my Bride, Leticia Marie...

Controversial leader Barry Zerobama~

the hag/witch Shrillary Clitnon~

the weather forecasts I've posted~

the 'Get Off My Lawn' Conservative patriots
I'm associated with~

episodes about my friend/adopted beloved son, Dillon~

Uugatleh, Glenn, the 'Whirlwind', to Crazy Wanda, Dave and Rachael, Granpappy Spears, and my uncle Bok Chuka,
... Lake Sardis' invasions of my land with water and snakes,
the Crows, the Doves, my Mockingbirds, My Cardinals
The Texas Rangers, the NY Yankees, Major League Baseball~

Thank you, Scott Joplin for blessing my lives,

with your music, and therefore this bloggie~!!

I only wanted to express my Fascination
with "life" here, and the Solace, thereof~
I hope I did, somehow!
I BATTLED & BEAT stage 4 prostate cancer here,
with help from a little boy named Dillon, and from my wife, Leticia,
And survived to tell the tale~

I've shared so many of my sleeping dreams, my waking fears, my hopes for America, for our world here~

I've loved every single one of you readers, here~

I've explained my fat-finger-fascination with the Tilde-Exclamation marks, here~!

Lovingly lifted from so many sources of information, that I thought were important to share~
Mostly, I tried to express/convey/share the experience/ here,
what it is like to be a conservative Native American, 
red-blooded NDN, a Choctaw man~
your way of seeing our world through My indigenous eyes~
But I'm totally exhausted after nearly 11 years of this.

I struggle with the New and Unexpected demands of Daddy-hood.

And KELSEY IS my ambition, my one and only child-

A Miracle From God, not unlike Abraham and Sarah:
I feel such protective devotion to our baby Kelsey, outweighing this, my "Local CandyBar" bloggie.

Thank you Mel Brooks, for your genius, for 'Blazing Saddles'~ my over ridding Favourite movie~
Your Local Malcontent,  
Checking Out Now. 
only 157 days left~
~WORSHIP GOD in all ways.

So long, I love you all, and thank you for the memories~


LL said...

Good luck.

The Local Malcontent said...

Thank you, LL!
and we'll have Good Fortune, based upon God's Love; I trust in that, and expect that~

I won't be absent on the webWeves, though- I am just tired of new, constant comment here, when I could be doing something for my child instead.

I'll be looking in to your blogs, OK, among others, as I merely search/serf the blogwaves. But I'm done here as the Local Malcontent~

McG said...

Can't fault your priorities.