Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What Have the Clintons Been Up To, Lately?

Same old thing; killing anybody who could
possibly testify against them~

Lovingly lifted from USAPoliticsNow(dot)Com, this overlooked blockbuster:

Top Clinton Aide Summoned By Congress Turns Up Dead
March 31, 2017

Just days after being summoned to appear before Trey Gowdy’s congressional committee to testify about Hillary Clinton’s email server, one of her aides was found dead at home of “natural causes.”

John Wilson McGill, 34, was pronounced dead on his couch by a private doctor after suffering an apparent heart attack. A spokesman for Clinton’s former campaign said that Huma Abedin, Clinton’s deputy campaign coordinator, found McGill when she stopped by for coffee.

Abedin told police in a statement that McGill suffered from an abnormal heart arrhythmia and that his doctor had always said a sudden and massive cardiac event was a possibility. She also told her publicist to make sure that the whole world didn’t knew that he was planning to cooperate with the congressional panel.

Trey  Gowdy’s office had no official statement but his top aide, said that the committee isn’t happy with the circumstances of McGill’s death, or the fact that a private doctor was summoned to pronounce.
 Abedin says she called the private doctor because she hoped he could save her friend.  There will be no autopsy on the body, which will be cremated in accordance with his religion. McGill is the single son of deceased parents and has no family. No services are planned.

McGill is pictured here, just behind Huma

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Also lifted from USAPoliticsNow, this Hillary-Related-Mystery:

2 Of Trey Gowdy’s Investigators Have Disappeared
April 18, 2017

Two men working for the congressional committee headed by Trey Gowdy have mysteriously disappeared somewhere in the Little Rock, Arkansas area. According to phone records, the men were headed into the area with congressional subpoenas to search the private residence attached to the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library.

The men, whose identities will remain classified until it can be confirmed that foul play was involved, were employees of the federal government under private contract to investigate the Clintons. What they were looking for is also classified. Their vehicle was found in a rest area just outside of town with the keys in it.

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