Monday, May 15, 2017

The World's Longest, Lonliest,
Most Unknown WAR

That between the nations of Bolivia and Finland.... 

Going on since 1846; nearly 172 years~

Land-Locked Bolivia and Hard-to-Reach Finland have been at a state of war for almost two centuries,
with no reconciliation in sight. 

Inactivity seems to be the most used-word to describe this once-fierce war between two very macho nations.

One doesn't have a Navy for attack;
the other doesn't have an Army for invasion.
     Neither nation has an effective Air assault,
      past 300 miles~

Thus, for what feels like an eternity, it has been merely a war of words.  Neither nation is willing to back down to the other, after what has been critically called merely "a difference of opinion between ambassadors in 1844,"

the world's longest argument continues.

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'Stuff You Didn't Know', from the LMC files.

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