Wednesday, May 31, 2017

To Comedian Kathy Griffin: HOW FUNNY IS THIS??

it's so funny, so hilarious to see Democratic followers exhibit the traits of our National enemies,
isn't it?  It only proves that Democrats despise the true American process of Democracy~

Exhibit #1:  Kathy Griffin, a mediocre comic desperate for attention.  She poses for a photographer, Tyler X, for an image of her holding the decapitated head of the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Then apologizes for that, then expects us to pay money to sit and watch her comedy at casinos throughout the West, like Albuquerque, like Las Vegas

What if somebody was to post and promote the KATHY GRIFFIN murder?  
I will start.....   Let's get together and kill the obscene clown, Kathy Griffin.  

She lives in Bel Air, California.... her schedule is posted here           Here are some other names of her loved ones, whom she would not like to be beheaded, or murdered.....

Like Randy Bick her lover for the past 5 years, and 18 years younger, her Junior, a Day Care Marketer out of Santa Monica, California:  

Assassinate Him, Too, he's probably a child molester....

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