Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ginsu, Baby

  For my 2nd Father's Day, Kelsey gave me an 8-piece set of kitchen knives, from Ginsu, Inc.

I am delighted beyond words~!  Because I struggle in the kitchen, night after night, day after day, with flimsy dull knives.  The Pecan Woodblock's especially nice, and will look real good on Leticia's counter top, next to our range.
How 13-mo.-old Kelsey knew that, is women's intuitive knowledge,  ...completely unknown to men~

The manly scissors will allow me to easily cut through the toughest catfish spine.....

Yes indeed, I'm thrilled with this Father's Day gift from my baby girl(s)-- 

I also got a delicious peach cobbler,
not pictured~

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