Friday, June 30, 2017


(pssst- Aaron Judge
IS A Rookie)

Taking Major League Baseball
by storm this year, is
a 25-year-old phenom
named Aaron Judge,
the rookie Right Fielder of the
New York Yankees, this season.

He swats long home runs just
like another Yankee once did, 
called 'The Babe'.

I've never seen anything like this guy in baseball before-- 
he swings his bat with such a casual ease, then the baseball just soars
into the left-centerfield stands at 120 miles per hour~!

I cannot say that Judge has a "Pure, baseball swing"; it is not a graceful thing to watch,
but the results speak for themselves:

In Yankee games this season through June 29, 2017, 
Aaron Judge has 89 hits, 62 RBIs, 27 home runs, a .331 average,
AND 6 stolen bases.

He'd have more stolen bases, if he'd stop hitting all those home runs, & just stop at 1st base~

The kid is 6'7", 25 years old, and appears to be a solid, muscular (impressive) 282 pounds.
Bats right, throws right, and will probably not stay in Right Field
for very long.

I expect him to display his agility enough to cause New York Yankee coaches and
manager Joe Girardi to move him into the left side of the infield in seasons to come.
But his throwing arm from the outfield could be improved sometime early along his journey to Cooperstown:   Understanding the American League hitters and the parks wherein the Yankees will play games mostly, moving Aaron Judge to Left Field makes the most sense--  
for now... before his left or mid-infield blossoming. 

Is he another natural Derek Jeter or Greg Nettles or ARod?  NO~
Each of these outstanding, Hall of Fame players though,  
are instead potential Aaron Judge precursors~

That is how incredible I think this (DID I SAY THAT HE'S JUST A ROOKIE~) dude is, Aaron Judge.   And promises to be,
such a joy to watch him, as he plays Baseball his way
from the Bronx up to Cooperstown someday.

Watch this, and NOT. BE. IN. AWE.:

And did you know that he's a 25-Year-Old ROOKIE?  Just one more reason, I predict the New York Yankees to be the 2017 World Series Champions, over the Chicago Cubs.

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